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Independent International crime scene consultancy was founded in March 2009, by Barrie Warburton. Having over 30 years experience in one of the UK’s top provincial Police Forces. He gained expert knowledge as a detective, scene of crime officer and crime scene manager for over 23 years of his career. He tirelessley campaigned to support 'best practice' in the value of scene of crime examinations.
He also performed duties as an intelligence officer and assisted in the promotion of the value of forensic intelligence as an investigative tool to combat both volume and serious crime.
After retiring from the police force in 2005, he joined the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in the UK, as an international crime scene advisor. For over three years he had the envious opportunity to travel the world advising law enforcement agencies and governments on crime scene management and the importance of the value of forensic evidence to support investigations.
International customers were conscious of the fact that robust forensic evidence would support their criminal justice system and by moving away from 'confession only' based convictions; they would have the support of the general public and the judicial system.


  • Scenes of Crime Consultant to many overseas law enforcement agencies, visiting and working in:
    • Afghanistan
    • Abu Dhabi Police
    • British Virgin Islands Police
    • Mauritius Police Force   
    • Montserrat
    • Jamaica
    • Bahamas
    • Canada
    • Anguilla Police Force
    • Forensic Institute of China
    • United States.
    • Turks & Caicos Islands
    • Cayman Islands
    • Indonesia
    • Algeria
    • Australia
    • South Africa
    • Libya
    • Latvia

 Developed DNA Intelligence Policy Programmes in conjunction with governmental bodies, intelligence and scientific departments.

  • Consultant on evidence preservation, exhibit recovery, sample packaging, exhibiting and submission of forensic items.
  • Senior Crime Scene Advisor on major crime scenes.
  • Lead Advisor regarding forensic submissions, to Senior Investigating Officers and Forensic Reporting Scientists
  • Lead trainer for Crime Scene Examiners and Investigating Officers in all parts of forensic evidence recovery.
  • Consultant to UK based companies.
  • Crime scene awareness training to students studying forensic degrees at UK colleges.
  • Advisor and delivery of corporate business 'scene of crime' and team building events.

Forensic Project Experience


  • Crime Scene lead on many international ‘cold case’ reviews to address outstanding undetected serious crimes.
  • Manager of implementation strategy to maximise detection rates in fingerprint and DNA identifications.
  • Lead developer of DNA and Fingerprint Identification packages for Police Force Intelligence Unit, providing data for the UK Home Office.
  • Special Point of Contact (SPOC) for armed robbery intelligence
  • Lead contact for dissemination of intelligence for the British Security Industry Association.
  • Member of Forensic Steering Groups defining ‘Best Practice’ in forensic methodology.
  • Diagnostic review of various international scenes of crime departments, to maximise evidence recovery.
  • Assisted lead scientist in diagnostic review of various international forensic laboratories.
  • DNA & fingerprint evidential recovery and recording using chemical enhancement techniques and forensic photography.
  • The use of forensic light sources.
  • Experience in working in hostile enviroments.
  • Working with NATO & ISAF forces.
  • Consult for various UK based companies.
Warburton Forensics can be called upon with confidentiality to assist any organisation or body with regards to any aspects of scene of crime investigation or crime scene management, together with:
  • Review of ongoing forensic casework, UK and international
  • Review of undetected 'cold case' crimes
  • Forensic reviews of miscarraige of justice.
  • Scene of crime departmental diagnostic reviews UK & international
  • Mentor scene of crime department in order to implement best practices and to maximise evidence recovery
  • Consultancy to UK & international law enforcement agencies on scene of crime and forensic intelligence
  • Consultancy to international government departments on DNA expansion programmes to maximise forensic evidence and intelligence to combat crime
  • Contract scene of crime work to police forces both UK & international
  • Training support for schools, colleges & Universities.
  • Arrange corporate crime scene investigation events.
  • Crime scene awareness training.
  • CONDO trained and qualified in 2010 for HSE & foreign assignments in hostile environments worldwide. Also HET trained - Hostile Environment Trained in June 2012
  • Holds a UK Government clearance
  • Registered & approved with the UK Foreign & Commonwelath Office Stabilisation Unit.
Consultancy rates will vary and depend on the nature of the work involved. Any enquiries will be dealt with in strict confidence:
Contact Barrie Warburton at barrie@warburtonforensics.com
Mobile telephone No. +44 (0) 7530 128068
Private registered Limited Company of England & Wales No. 6842745  
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